Casting Calls

Dame Street Deli

See Projects for details about the production.
Auditionees must not fear strong language and adult content, and need to have a sick sense of humor.

You should have experience in voice acting, and access to equipment for recording high-standard audio quality in uncompressed (raw) .wav file format.

For the main cast (the Cummins family), all accents have to match, voice actors from Ireland, UK, Australia and NZ preferred. Canadian, US and hispanic accents possible for the role of Bruce and upcoming supporting characters.

For further information about audition content and technical details, make a first contact with Bodo via email.

bodohartwig at

Main Characters

Barry Cummins, age c. 50, owner of the deli and (supposed) father of three. He would do anything to keep his takeaway business going, and circumstances require him to be both inventive and reckless. He is rude, grumpy, two-faced and very clever, but has a strong sense of protection for his family.

Edna Cummins, age c. 50, Barry's wife and mother of three. She loves her husband dearly and would do anything to support him and her children. She is mostly bound to the takeaway and housework, although she secretly dreams of a better life. She is honest, emotional and sometimes helpless. She clearly doesn't deserve what she is going through.

Ethan Cummins, age c. 20, son of Barry and Edna. He has already spent three years of his life in prison and always ends up doing stuff that gets him deeper into trouble. He is a fit and good looking guy but has never had a girlfriend. Although being straight, he has a strong obsession for his younger brother Alby, with whom he might be secretly in love.

Alby Cummins, age c. 18, son of Barry and Edna. He is the family's gay son, used to being bullied, and often a victim of circumstances. He has been labelled "bottom of the year" two times in his local high school. But he has a strong side in him, and can be very determined. He is not feminine at all, and is a honest and good guy.

Maeve Cummins, age c. 22, daughter of Barry and Edna. While still living at home, she is somehow disgusted with her own family and not unlike her mother, dreaming of a better life. She is obsessed with expensive clothes, and likes to surround herself with a good looking boyfriend, and loves big cars. But she isn't two-faced, and ultimately a likeable character.

Bruce Burke, age c. 25, Maeve's boyfriend. He is a fit, hunky guy working as an estate agent, selling cheap flats for horrendous prices to immigrants. He could have any girl but loves Maeve dearly, and would do anything for her. He is a simple and ultimately good guy. Any accent possible, US American preferred.

Television news presenters, journalists, reporters and talk guests (various). The whole media section will be recorded separately as a running programme, so watch out for more details as the production goes on!

Star Trek: Grissom

You should have experience in voice acting, and access to equipment for recording high-standard audio quality in uncompressed (raw) .wav file format.

Voice actors get in contact with Seán Paul.

Supporting characters

Grand Admiral Stephen Turner (episode 8), in his mid-40s. High member of Starfleet Brass. Auditionees with a unike voice preferred. US or Canadian accent. Turner is a man who seems to be upright, but is determined and has a hidden agenda.

Admiral James T. Kirk (episode 7), age c. 50. Few needs to be said about this character. Auditionees should be able to make a good William Shatner impression. Core of the role is the "Genesis presentation" as known from Star Trek II (The Wrath of Khan) and heard again, narrated by Kirk, in Star Trek III (The Search for Spock).

Lieutenant Robert Sato (episode 8), age c. 35. He is the husband of Grissom's helm officer Rebecca Sato, currently stationed on Earth. He will be featured in one scene only, where he is interviewed by the Federation News Service.

Klingon Gunner (episode 8), age c. 35. Klingon "gunner" on Commander Kruge's Bird of Prey. He is the gunner that does a "lucky shot" as he describes it himself in Star Trek III (The Search for Spock). It will be a very small role meant for someone who would be happy to recreate the mentioned moment from the movie.