Home of the Star Trek: Grissom Prose and Audio Adventures. The proud Irish project it all began with, long before Black Wall Productions was born. The audio episodes are co-produced with Hidden Frontier Productions. 

Bodo Hartwig's own homepage about composing and audio processing for independent film and video games. Not easy to hire this guy these days, he might be busy at Black Wall Productions a lot. 

One of the most boldly-produced, highest-quality fan series still available on the internet today. Without them, there would not have been a Grissom audio series, and no Black Wall Productions.

One of the biggest internet databases for free dramatized audio productions. You can get stuck there (and then with some very good features). Always worth re-visiting.

Darker Projects present original audio projects such as Tales from the Museum, The Byron Chronicles, and The Falcon Banner in addition to their popular Star Trek and Doctor Who interpretations.

The ultimate audio drama forums for the listeners to provide feedback, find new shows, encourage future ideas, create their own, or just talk to other people who enjoy audio drama as much as yourself. 

The Cauldron Recording Studios is Ireland’s foremost recording facilities situated in the heart of Dublin City. Their engineers are grammy award-winning and possess intimate knowledge of their cutting-edge equipment and technology and are skilled in multliple musical disciplines. 

Europe's biggest Music Store for all kinds of instruments + sound and stage equipment, located in Cologne, Germany. They are huge, and they are good. Shipment of all items within Europe is no problem, US citizens may have to get in contact with them to find out if certain items can be shipped.

In their guides you can learn all the basics of how the latest recording technologies work, step by step, from easy-to-read pages to in-depth articles that seasoned audio professionals will appreciate. 

Audacity® is free, open source software for recording and editing sounds. It is available for Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, GNU/Linux, and other operating systems. Also check their Wiki and Forum for more information.

Ireland's all ages Superhero comics!

The place for incredible sound effects. This is also the home of Creative Sound Design, a state-of-the-art sound design facility for the video game industry.