One Moment of Humanity

June 27, 2014
Audio Episode 1.04 (based on Prose Chapter 7)

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GRS104 - Part A - mp3
- (29:47)
GRS104 - Part B - mp3
- (36:36)
GRS104 - OneFile/iTunes Version - mp3
- (1:06:25)

The Romulan Star Empire has learned of the mysterious events in the Mutara Sector and employ an elaborate plot to steal the highly classified Genesis data from the U.S.S. Grissom.

With the help of an Orion privateer and the services of Star Trek's infamous intergalactic trader, Cyrano Jones, Grissom's crew and their landing party find themselves in the middle of a deadly gambit. Is everything as it seems, or could it be part of an even greater plot?

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Release Date:   June 21, 2014 

The Stars My Destination

June 27, 2014
Audio Episode 1.03 (based on Prose Chapter 6)

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GRS103 - Part A - mp3
- (35:31)
GRS103 - Part B - mp3
- (33:47)
GRS103 - OneFile/iTunes Version - mp3
- (1:09:03)

The forces of the Tholian Assembly have noted the low-level gamma explosion at the Mutara Nebula, and with their incessant need to acquire new technology, see any Starfleet vessel as a means to information. Their attack leaves Captain J.T. Esteban out of the game, and leads to yet another crew death.

With time running ou...

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The Price of Virtue

June 27, 2014
Audio Episode 1.02 (based on Prose Chapters 4 and 5)

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GRS102 - Part A - mp3
- (32:16)
GRS102 - Part B - mp3
- (39:23)
GRS102 - OneFile/iTunes Version - mp3
- (1:11:35)

With the recent tragic loss of two Grissom crewmembers, Starfleet Headquarters is abuzz with rumours, while the top brass are still trying to keep the Genesis Project, and the U.S.S. Grissom's mission, a classified matter. But leaks and spies seem to appear everywhere, and even the Klingons are already forging ah...

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All Rumours of Wrath, Past and To Come

June 27, 2014
Audio Episode 1.01 (based on Prose Chapters 1, 2 and 3)

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GRS101 - Part A - mp3 -
GRS101 - Part B - mp3
- (35:34
GRS101 - OneFile/iTunes Version - mp3
- (1:03:49

Episode 1 of the series begins immediately following the events of the film "Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan". Captain J.T. Esteban is assigned new crewmembers for the science vessel U.S.S. Grissom, as the intergalactic newsbands are buzzing with the rumours of the death of the legendary Captain Spock.

With th...

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