Successfully Recording Your Lines At Home 

9. Submitting Your Lines

Each production have their own methods of enabling the cast to submit their lines.

As to Black Wall Productions and most other projects we know, it's a no-no to send audio files via e-mail. There are better ways, such as DROPBOX and YOUSENDIT, and some projects even provide server space and recommend to use the free available "FileZilla" application to log in and upload your stuff.

So no matter how big your files are, you will be advised where, and how, to upload them. The only thing you might need to have once your recordings are finished, is time, and unlimited internet access, so when it is late at night, you can leave your laptop or PC alone and all the stuff will be up when you wake up on the next morning.

Submitting as such should be nothing to worry about. Think of what you have achieved. Here's hope that the only thing you need to be concerned about is your performance. Feedback from the producer or editor will certainly come, but if it's still about your recording quality, then you must have overlooked something in this guide.

To sum up, I can only repeat the advice that you should never be careless about your recordings. And you have to do lots of tests before you start to record the actual lines for your character. And you have to listen back to everything, all the time.

If you're still unsure about the result, or your sound quality in general, or if you need a second opinion, then no editor will be annoyed or will laugh at you if you get in touch with them and send over a test recording. It is better to ask the "Is this OK?" question than to put hours of effort into your role, only to receive a "You have to re-do it all" reply.

Still, I wish you Good Luck. And fingers crossed that the producers you're recording for will cast you again for their next project. It will certainly depend on your acting talent, but even more on your sound quality. If both are fine, they might open some doors for you elsewhere, too.

And last, but not least, your self-esteem will get a great, positive boost. You deserve it!

Bodo Hartwig